Free Companion Planting Guide

Free Companion Planting Guide

Companion planting in agriculture and gardening is essentially the practice of planting different produces in propinquity for pest control benefits and maximization of the space. It takes into account useful creatures in your garden and the best practices to foster them. If done properly, it can dramatically increase the productivity of crops. Gardeners and farmers in developing and industrialized countries use companion planting, a type of polyculture, for numerous reasons.

Its About working with Nature.

There are many different strategies to be discussed in companion planning, including the inter-planting of two vegetables that use different layers of the soil profile. For example, the roots of fibrous-rooted tomatoes and tap-rooted carrots utilize different parts of the same area of soil; placing them together allows you to get maximum production per square foot. The plants are kept in proximity to utilize space above the ground. Another effective strategy is maximizing space above ground.

Corn, for instance, grows straight and tall. If you plant pole beans near them they will climb the corn stalks; if you plant squash, it can stroll on the ground. Additionally, numerous culinary herbs like dill, parsley, chives and basil have unique abilities to protect the potency of vegetable crops. So much information can be overwhelming, but with this book you will get useful advice about using companion planting.

Download the Companion Planting Book by Clicking the Image Below or by Clicking Here.

Download the Companion Planting Book by Clicking the Image Above or by Clicking Here.

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