Grow Your Audience

Grow Your Audience

Here at World Wide Permaculture, we want to share our knowledge and experience, with the larger Permaculture Community. We also invite you, to share your experiences and the path you have traveled on your journey.


Each and every person has walked their own path, while there are some differences, there is much that can be gained that relates to us all.

It is through collaboration and coming together, that we build strength and unity. Sharing our strengths, and also our weakness’s, allows us all to put one foot in front of the other faster as we move towards self-sufficient living.

While the answer to an infestation of snail’s is the duck, there is still much to be written, shared, researched and implemented.

Permaculture is a design science, one that can be tried, tested and qualified. Of course it is not a one size fits all, but that is true in the laboratory, due to the research’s initial conditions.

Climatic factors, rainfall, soil type, region-specific issues, these are all our “initial conditions”. The Permaculture Design Manual gives the framework of learning and we can adapt our learning to meet the challenges of where we live, work and play.

There are some very successful and great Permaculture Practitioners, they have walked tall and their results speak for themselves.

Where does that leave a new Permaculture Design Student, Consultant or Permaculture Site?

Every Permaculturalist has an experience or results that can define their place in the community, be it a specialty in Harvesting Water, Teaching, Cold Climate, Small Spaces or the enthusiasm to push a point in the right direction.

We encourage you to be those people, those whom lead by example.

Grow Your Permaculture Audience

We want your success to be heard and we want to help grow your audience.

Connect with us and share your story here by using the contact us or emailing [email protected]

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