Making The Switch From Permaculturist To Permaculturist Prepper

Making The Switch From Permaculturist To Permaculturist Prepper

For homesteaders and permaculturists who are growing increasingly concerned about the current level of global instability, it might be time to think about preparing for a potential move to off-grid living. Luckily, if you already have experience in the practice of permaculture and homesteading, you’re well on your way to preparedness – you just need to scale up your efforts a bit and know what to focus on.

Making the transition from homesteader to prepper is fairly easy, as many of the things a prepper will need to focus on are already part of a homesteader’s daily life. These skills will be tremendously useful in the case of a long-term emergency. However, it’s important to take a few extra steps to ensure success in the face of a serious threat.

Stock up on essentials.

You likely already have most of the tools and equipment you would need to survive a disaster situation, but replacing these items would be difficult if anything was to happen to them during a long-term emergency. Avoid being stuck without these necessary items by stocking up ahead of time.

Buying in bulk is a great way to ensure you’ve got plenty of materials – and pay a reduced price for them. Think about picking up knives and axes, hammers, a mortar and pestle, barrels, buckets, gardening tools, and wagons. Think about the supplies you use on a regular basis, and make sure you either have the tools to repair them or replacements kept in storage.

Food is important, too. Although you will want to grow your own food, grab some basic items that have a long shelf life to supplement the foods you’re already growing. Rice, beans, pasta, and honey are some of the important staples you should collect for your survival stockpile.

Take care of your basic needs.

If your homestead is designed with permaculture theory in mind, you’ve probably already got a water system in place, with renewable water sources on your property like a well or a rainwater harvesting system. Make sure you have everything you need to maintain this system, if disaster strikes.

This is also a great opportunity to transition to aquaponics, which would allow you to practice your gardening indoors. While you can continue to enjoy your permaculture garden outdoors, it’s great to have an aquaponics system, too – in case a situation arises where you need to “bug in,” or hunker down inside your home.

Learn new skills.

Most homesteaders or permaculturists love increasing their knowledge. You can ensure more success as a prepper by learning how to make homemade versions of the things you regularly use. Not only will this come in handy in the case of an emergency, but you’ll be able to start saving money if you learn how to do things like baking your own bread, making homemade personal hygiene products, fishing, hunting, and butchering animals, and woodworking. Spend a little time working on some of these new skills and you might even discover a brand new passion.

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