Profitable Permaculture Farms

Profitable Permaculture Farms

Richard Perkins, talks about the key points that a profitable Permaculture Site needs to take into consideration.

About Richard:

Richard is an internationally regarded teacher, innovative farmer and Permaculture leader, and Author of Making Small Farms Work. He has worked professionally in every major climate zone across several continents consulting to projects, farms & industry, and has also led over 40 solo Permaculture Design Course’s as well as dozens of other specialist courses, practicums and seminars. Richard’s project work includes design & site visits on around 100 varied projects in various climatic zones as well as contributing to hundreds of course participants’ site plans. Richard is a certified teacher with the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia (Certified Trainer No. 24) and the Permaculture Association of Great Britain.

Having studied up to MSc level (IESD- Gaia U), leaving to establish the effective Integralpermanence (Design Consultancy & Education) internationally. Richard also holds a Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design (UK), HND Organic Crop Production (UK) and has studied extensively in the fields of Keyline® Design, Holistic Management®, Ecology and Anthropology. After leaving Organic Crop Production studies at Agricultural College in 1999 with more questions than answers, Richard began studying Permaculture and other ecological design systems alongside bio-construction in various vernaculars’. Now focused primarily on helping others with Regenerative Agricultural design work, Richard has worked on varied farm and project design and implementation projects from CSA production to whole- farm planning; agroforestry to water catchment & irrigation systems; regenerative business design to Keyline planning, Holistic planned grazing/ decision making/ financial planning to community building work.

Building up a very diverse & rounded experience over the years, Richard also had the honour to run the first internationally accredited PDC training programs in Dominican Republic, Poland & Luxembourg; introduced concepts of Regenerative Agriculture in Poland, Belarus, Latvia and Finland as well as pioneered Keyline Design and aspects of Regenerative Agriculture in cold-climate Sweden. Known for his dynamic teaching, down-to-earth pragmatism, efficient project management and organisational skills, he is now primarily focused on establishing ridgedale PERMACULTURE. Richard is still sometimes available for trainings & consultancies internationally, especially in our winter season. Please be in contact well in advance to express interest.

Find him on his website here.

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