Why Should I Charge for Permaculture

Why Should I Charge for Permaculture

As more and more people around the world begin embracing the ethical premise of permaculture design, the concept is offering viable ways for people to make a living while promoting an important, sustainable philosophy. Making a profit off your endeavor into permaculture is a great way to support the development of your own sustainable garden.

The theory of permaculture promotes the ideas of sharing, partnership, and community, but in actual practice, the technique should be valued as much as any other commodity – in order to help grow the movement.

Sell Excess

One of the ethics behind permaculture involves the concept of “fair share,” or providing your neighbors, friends, and surrounding community with excess produce from your sustainable garden. However, giving away the abundant yield from your garden takes away from the value of the product – making people overlook the practice of permaculture as an important and sustainable design concept. To help encourage more people to incorporate the ideas of permaculture into their own gardens, we need to charge for the delicious, organic products we grow.

Think about advertising online, setting up a stand at a farmer’s market, or talking to local restaurants and grocery stores to try and find a place to sell your excess produce. This way, you can still ensure that others get their “fair share” and redistribute your surplus while using the opportunity to encourage people to learn about the permaculture process. And you’ll be able to make a profit from your successful permaculture design, helping you fund future growth to keep your garden running efficiently.

Offer Expertise

As a permaculturist, you have tons of valuable information to share with other gardeners and producers in your area – so market it! You can offer your services as a permaculture design consultant and work with individual clients on their specific spaces, you can lead courses and workshops where you teach larger groups about the premise of permaculture and show them how it can benefit their production, or you can write guides for people looking to embrace the theory of permaculture, passing down your knowledge to give them a bit of a head-start as they incorporate the practice into their own gardens or farms.

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The knowledge you can share about permaculture covers a wide range of topics to help people create their own beautiful, edible landscapes while reducing their carbon footprint, saving them money, and potentially even making a profit off a future permaculture operation. However, you decide to share your information, make sure you charge for it. While it can be tempting to spread the word about permaculture whenever you’re given the opportunity, this information is valuable and important, and people need to understand that so they will take the philosophy seriously.

As a general rule, we don’t attach value to someone or something unless there is a financial commitment. Think about it, when was the last time you took a flyer from someone handing them out on a street corner? Treat permaculture as the worthwhile pursuit that it is by requiring compensation for your efforts – but don’t stop promoting this sustainable design as an important way to protect the earth and ourselves.

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